Preguntas Frecuentes

We are a non-profit autonomous organization of Catholic and feminist women, who express our commitment to the pursuit of social justice and the promotion of human rights, particularly sexual and reproductive rights for women.
We believe in freedom of conscience as the basis of human dignity and as a principle ensured by the Catholic doctrine, which allows every single person to decide according to their own conscience and whose actions and ideas are respected by the Catholic Church.
We develop and promote initiatives to ensure the acknowledgment and compliance of sexual and reproductive rights, as well as the strengthening of a secular State.
Yes, and it is not inconsistent.  We are based in the respect of freedom of conscience as a principle of Catholicism. As Catholics we believe in women’s right to choose over their own life projects, their bodies and their sexualities, with no intervention of the State, society or religious hierarchies.
The strengthening of an autonomous State of the churches is the essential guarantee for the exercise of civil liberties and human rights, within the framework of democracy.
Within the Catholic Church there is a plurality of thoughts and voices, especially in the field of sexuality, since each person has freedom of conscience and lives their faith according to it.